Priority Rent Account

Your rent paid direct to your landlord, ontime, everytime

A safe and easy way to help you manage your rent payments

If you are a member of 6Towns Credit Union and a Tenant in receipt of Local Housing Allowance (LHA), or are preparing to receive Universal Credit, our Priority Rent Account offers a hassle-free way to manage your rent payments.

6Towns Credit Union can collect your LHA on your behalf, or help you separate out the rent from your Universal Credit payments, and then pay it directly to your landlord. Keeping your rent separate from your other money so you can’t spend it on anything else, can help you avoid rent arrears.

Benefits of scheme

Your rent is always separated
Tell us how much to set aside and we’ll send it straight to your landlord, ensuring your rent payments are made on time, and allowing you to budget for the rest of the month.
No fees or charges for you
We don’t charge you to use this service, your Landlord pays any fees.
Access to credit union services
By signing up to the scheme you’ll get access to a wide range of products and services including a free savings account and affordable loans.

How does it work?

To get started, you need to check that your landlord is registered with us so we can pay them direct. If they are not yet registered then let us know and we can send them details to get them signed up.

Then follow the steps below:.

Join 6Towns Credit Union

Join 6Towns Credit Union. Select Priority Account if joining online, or request a Priority Account form in branch.

Complete Priority Rent Form

Complete the Priority Rent form with details of how much to send to your landlord and their Landlord account number.

LHA or Universal Credit payment

When we receive LHA or Universal Credit into your Priority Rent Account, we’ll send the agreed amount to your account landlord. You can request a statement at any time, or register for online access to keep track of your payments.


What do I need to open a Priority Rent Account ?

You’ll need to become a member of 6Towns Credit Union first. If you are applying for membership in person, you will need proof of ID (e.g. passport or driving licence or recent benefit award letter) and proof of address (e.g. bank statement or utility bill).
You will then be able to set up a Priority Rent Account.If you are already a member with 6Towns, you won’t need to provide any new proof of identity.

Does it cost my landlord anything?
Yes. We charge your landlord per rent payment, per tenant, but these fees can usually be offset against tax as a business expense like any other banking charge.
What happens if I receive less than the rent amount from Universal Credit or other benefits?
We will send the amount that has been received; however,we do not contact you if this is the case and you will need to check your credit union account regularly to make sure you know what payments have been made.
What happens if my circumstances change?
You must give us 14 days’ notice of any change to your Priority Rent Accountin writing, including requests to change the amount paid to your landlord, details of a new landlord, cancellation of payments or closure of the account.
We will contact your landlord on the same day and let them know you have asked us to change the arrangement. Your landlord may then contact you about this.
What happens if I want to cancel my Priority Rent Account?
You can close your Priority Rent Accountat any time, as long as there is no balance owing to us. You will need to give us 14 days’ notice and we will immediately inform your landlord that your Priority Rent Account has been closed.
Any payments due within the 14 day notice period will still be made to your landlord unless they tell us they’re not owed the money.
How do I know if my landlord is registered with you to receive Priority Rent Payments?
Your landlord needs to agree to take part in the scheme. You can always ask us if they are already registered. If they are not signed up, you’ll need to get them to
contact us to register before we can open a Priority Rent Account for you. They will also need to sign your application form to agree to receiving payments and paying any associated charges.
If I get my Universal Credit paid to you how do I access the rest of my money?
If you get your Universal Credit paid into your Priority Rent Account, we will allocate what you have instructed for your rent, and the remainder will be transferred to a named bank account or prepaid card.
What happens if my landlord is overpaid?
You will need to contact your landlord and arrange any repayment.
What happens if I move address?
Contact us as soon as possible with the details of your new address.You will also need to confirm that your new landlord is registered with us and instruct us of the amount to be paid to them. Don’t forget that the 14 day notice period still applies, unless your old landlord tells us they’re agreeing with the change.
What other services does 6Towns Credit Union offer?
When you open a Priority Rent Account you will have access to a range of services including a free savings account and access to apply for our affordable loans.

Need help managing your Universal Credit payments?

In addition to our Priority Rent Account, we also offer a Christmas Savings Accounts,or a prepaid debit card, which can help you budget for other important bills. Please contact us for details.